Zeelase: A New Service For Reviewing Your Zoos

Reviews are an essential part of the online purchasing process. Not only do they help consumers make informed decisions, but they also help businesses improve their products and services. But what about zoos? Do they get the same level of review attention as other businesses? In this article, we’ll explore Zeelase, a new service that helps zoos get the reviews they need to improve their operations. From policy changes to visitor feedback, read on to learn everything you need to know about Zeelase and how it can benefit your zoo.

Zeelase is a new service that promises to help you review your zoos. By submitting photos and ratings of the animals in your zoo, Zeelase hopes to provide zoo-goers with an unbiased perspective on their experience. Zeelase has already received a good amount of attention, with some praising it as a much-needed change while others feel that it’s gimmicky and not really necessary. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of Zeelase and whether or not you should use it to review your zoo.

What is Zeelase?

Zeelase is a new service that allows users to review their zoos. This service is available through the web and through an app. Zeelase provides information on the animals, the exhibits, and the staff. The app also offers maps of the zoo so users can find their way around. Zeelase was created by two zookeepers who wanted to make it easier for people to review their zoos.

Zeelase is a new service for reviewing your zoos. It lets you input information about the zoo, and then Zeelase will generate a report with ratings and recommendations. You can also share the report with others.

Zeelase was created by two zookeepers who wanted to make it easier for people to find the best zoos. They tested the service on their own zoo, and found that it was helpful for both visitors and staff.

The first step in using Zeelase is to input your information. This includes things like the name of your zoo, its address, and the type of zoo it is (such as animal or plant). Then, you can decide what kind of report you want. There are three options: ratings only, ratings plus recommendations, and a detailed report with photos.

After you input your information, Zeelase will start generating reports. The first report will be based on basic data such as size and population of animals. As you input more information, Zeelase will update its reports accordingly.

You can share reports with others using Zeelase’s built-in sharing features or by emailing them directly. Reports also include a link so that you can easily access them again later.

How does Zeelase work?

Zeelase is a new service that allows you to review your zoos online. You can browse through zoo photos, descriptions, and ratings to see if the zoo is worth visiting. Zeelase also has a map feature that shows you where the zoo is located.

Zeelase is a new service that allows users to review their zoos. The site provides information about each zoo, including its location, species list, and animal care facilities. Zeelase also includes a ratings system for each zoo, as well as user-generated reviews.

Zeelase is a new service for reviewing your zoos. The website offers visitors a chance to rate different aspects of their zoo experience, such as animal care, education, and conservation work. Zeelase also lets visitors submit photos and videos of their visits to the zoo.

The idea for Zeelase came about after the founder visited two zoos that were not up to his standards. He was disappointed with how the animals were treated and how little information about the conservation work was available. He wanted a way to give feedback directly to the zoos, but found no existing service that met his needs.

Zeelase has been designed with visitor feedback in mind. They have included ratings for each aspect of the zoo experience so that visitors can rank different areas according to their preferences. They have also included a section where visitors can write short reviews of their visit.

Visitors can submit photos and videos of their visits at any time, which helps keep them informed about new developments at their local zoo. Zeelase will then compile these submissions into weekly blog posts that will be available on the website as well as on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

What can you expect from using Zeelase?

Zeelase is a new service for reviewing your zoos. It allows visitors to rate the zoo and share their thoughts with other users. Zeelase also includes information on zoo admission prices, hours, and directions. Zeelase is easy to use and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.

Zeelase is a new service that allows users to review their zoos. The website provides information about the zoo, including its location, history, and animals. Zeelase also has a rating system that allows users to rate the zoo according to different criteria, such as animal care and habitat. Zeelase is free to use and reviews are updated daily.


If you’re an animal lover, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest news and events related to your favorite zoo. Zeelase is a new service that offers users the ability to review their zoo online. This way, you can get feedback from other zoo-goers so that you can make sure your experience at your local zoo was great. If not, you can address any problems before they become bigger problems.

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