Vaar Vela: The New Indian Wedding Trend To Explore

Indian weddings are known for their lavishness, opulence and grandeur. But in recent years, a new trend has been emerging within the Indian wedding industry – Vaar Vela. Vaar Vela weddings are all about simplicity, intimacy and a return to nature. These weddings are typically held outdoors in scenic locations such as mountains, forests or beaches. And instead of the usual 600+ guests, Vaar Vela weddings only invite close family and friends – making them the perfect opportunity to truly celebrate with your loved ones. If you’re planning an Indian wedding and are looking for something different, Vaar Vela is definitely worth exploring!

What is Vaar Vela?

It is no secret that destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular, with couples looking to escape the traditional wedding setting and explore new and unique locations. Vaar Vela, meaning ‘water wedding’ in Hindi, is the latest trend to emerge from India’s booming wedding industry.

As the name suggests, a Vaar Vela ceremony takes place on water, with the bride and groom exchanging vows aboard a decorated boat as it floats down a river or lake. This unique setting provides a stunning backdrop for photos and videos, which is sure to be a hit with guests.

While Vaar Vela weddings are still relatively rare, they are growing in popularity as more couples look to add a touch of adventure to their big day. If you’re considering a Vaar Vela ceremony, be sure to work with a reputable planner who has experience in organizing these types of events.

The History of Vaar Vela

When it comes to weddings, India is a land of traditions. But in recent years, a new trend has emerged – Vaar Velas.

Vaar Velas is a two-day wedding ceremony that takes place on the banks of a river or lake. The bride and groom exchange vows on the first day, and then take a boat ride together on the second day.

This new trend is becoming increasingly popular, as it allows couples to create unique and memorable experiences for their guests. Plus, it’s a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

If you’re looking for something different for your own Indian wedding, Vaar Velas is definitely worth exploring!

How to Plan a Vaar Vela Wedding

When it comes to weddings, there is no one size fits all. Indian weddings are especially unique and varied, with each region having its own customs and traditions. One of the latest trends to emerge from India is Vaar Velas weddings.

Vaar Vela is a two-day wedding celebration that takes place on a riverbank. The first day is dedicated to the bride and her family, while the second day is for the groom and his family. This unique approach allows for more intimate celebrations with close family and friends.

If you’re considering a Vaar Velas wedding, here are a few tips to help you plan:

1. Choose the right location: The first step is to find a suitable venue for your Vaar Velas wedding. Look for a scenic spot by the river that can accommodate all your guests comfortably.

2. Start planning early: As with any wedding, it’s important to start planning early to avoid last-minute stress. Begin by sending out save-the-dates so your guests can clear their schedules in advance.

3. Create a budget: Decide how much you’re willing to spend on your Vaar Velas wedding and start creating a budget accordingly. Work with vendors who offer competitive rates and be sure to get quotes in writing before making any commitments.

4. Make it personal: Add personal touches to your Vaar Velas wedding to make it truly unique. Incorporate elements that

What to Expect at a Vaar Vela Wedding

A Vaar Velas wedding is a unique and intimate affair that focuses on the couple’s journey, rather than the lavish celebrations.

The bride and groom start the day with a small puja, or prayer ceremony, before they set sail on their decorated boat. As they float down the river, they are serenaded by family and friends singing traditional songs. The couple exchange garlands and take seven sacred vows, pledging their love and commitment to each other.

After the ceremony, the guests enjoy a feast of traditional Indian dishes onboard the boat, as the newlyweds sail off into the sunset.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the typical Indian wedding, Vaar Velas is definitely worth exploring!

The Pros and Cons of Vaar Vela Weddings

Some popular wedding trends come and go, but others manage to stick around for the long haul. Vaar Velas weddings are one of the latter, as this unique take on the traditional Indian wedding is quickly gaining popularity among couples looking to add a personal touch to their big day. But what exactly is a Vaar Velas wedding? And what are the pros and cons of planning one? We’ve got all the answers below.

A Vaar Vela wedding is a 3-day event that takes place during monsoon season in India. The name itself comes from the Hindi words for “rain” (vaar) and “vela” (wedding), which perfectly describes this type of celebration. Because rain is such an important part of the event, Vaar Velas weddings are typically only held in certain parts of India where monsoon season is particularly active.

So what makes Vaar Vela weddings so special? For starters, they’re incredibly intimate affairs, as only close family and friends are typically invited to attend. This allows couples to really focus on making their wedding day about them, rather than putting on a show for guests. Additionally, because rain plays such a central role in these types of weddings, they tend to be very unique and memorable experiences.

Of course, no wedding is without its drawbacks, and Vaar Vela weddings are no exception. One of the biggest challenges of planning a Vaar Vela wedding is finding a venue that


So there you have it — everything you need to know about Vaar Vela, the new Indian wedding trend that is taking the internet by storm. If you’re looking for a way to add a unique twist to your own wedding, Vaar Vela is definitely worth considering. With its beautiful decor and stunning scenery, it’s no wonder this trend is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for Indian weddings.

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