Qordle: The World’s First Smart Ball That Learns From Kids

We all remember playing with those bouncy balls that we would bounce off the walls and watch them sail across the room. Qordle is looking to bring that same magic and interactivity to a ball that children can actually play with—using technology to make it smarter. Qordle is the world’s first smart ball that learns from kids. It uses sensors to track how kids move and bounce the ball, and then uses this data to improve its own gameplay. Over time, it will get better and better at predicting how children will play with it, making it more fun for everyone involved. This technology has the potential to revolutionize not just the way we play with balls, but also how we learn—helping kids build essential motor skills while having fun.

What is Qordle?

Qordle is the world’s first smart ball that learns from kids. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn how children play and interact with it, so it can create custom games and activities for them.

The ball was developed by Canadian company Playbuzz, and it was launched in March of this year. The main objective of Qordle is to provide parents with hours of fun and entertainment while their children are away at school or daycare.

Qordle comes with a free app that allows parents to watch their children play, set custom rules for the ball, and track its progress over time.

So far, the feedback on Qordle has been overwhelmingly positive. Parents have said that they love the idea of being able to keep tabs on their kids without having to leave home or spend tons of money on babysitting services. They also appreciate the fact that Qordle provides unique and engaging activities that are not available in traditional child care settings.

How does Qordle work?

Qordle is the world’s first smart ball that learns from kids. It consists of a small, rechargeable battery, a sensor, and an app. The ball listens to children as they play with it, recording their movements and their interactions with other objects around them.

By teaching children how to use Qordle as a tool rather than just a toy, they are more likely to take ownership of their physical safety and learn how to navigate through life’s challenges confidently.

What can kids do with Qordle?

Kids can do a lot with Qordle, the world’s first smart ball that learns from kids. They can play games, learn new skills, and have tons of fun! Qordle is made out of soft touch silicone and has a built-in sensor that tracks how often kids use it. It also has a speaker that plays kid-friendly music and a LED light that shows when it’s time to hang up the ball.

Potential uses for Qordle beyond just playing ball

Qordles is a smart ball that kids can use to learn and play together. It has potential uses beyond just playing ball. Parents can use Qordles to keep track of their kids, and teachers can use it for teaching kids about math and science.


Qordle is a ball designed to help children with disabilities learn and improve their motor skills. The ball has sensors that track how often and how vigorously the child is using their muscles, which in turn helps the ball learn what exercises work best for them.

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